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Story of Dream, the flower fairy Scenntula, the scurvy Lord Rot and loving Rosemary.
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I am Scenntula, a flower fairy of the Hopewell Clan in the Valley of Springfield.  I have the honor of being chosen to tell the tale of a persistent little flower namesake of Dreams, the scurvy Lord of Rot and two humans that are sacred secrets to the parks of Springfield, Rosemary and Jenson.  Take a deep breath, relax and let your spirit fly.

Once upon a time, a little flower sprout popped her head above the soil.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on her stem made her turn her luminous budding head to feel the sensation of the heat on her delicate face.  She unwittingly opened her tiny little eyes for the first time feeling a wonderment as to whom she is and to what surrounds her.  Feeling fresh and full of energy, she looked around and her eyes widened with a delightful site, a little girl with curly blonde hair in a long peach dress with pink ribbons trimming the her waist, sleeves and white shoes.  She is carrying a hand full of flowers.  The new flower bud blinked several times, clearing her eyes and trying to understand the vision before her.  She glanced sideways, quickly to her left and right then opened her eyes wider absorbing the sites of a park, trees, cool breeze in the field, sunshine and countless flowers.  Astonished she realized in absolute amazement that she too is a flower.  In that single moment a higher blooming flower stands over her looked down and smiled.  Another cool breeze swept across the field of thousands of flowers in a full spectrum of colors, waving, whistled and blowing fragrant kisses, welcoming each new flower to the world.

The little bud peered up again and watched the little girl with the bouquet of flowers.  The flowers are all glistening and waving cheerfully to their friends and family in the park.  They are arranged in a simple elegant white holder.  She grew taller with joy as she imagined how wonderful it would be to be united with other flowers in such a beautiful array.  The blooming flower next to her looks down again, more closely, examining in a curiosity, as if seeing something that she has never seen before, Lillian smiled “Daughter you have something special about you that I cannot put my leaf on.  You are a unique flower, translucent in a way, with a glow and shimmer that reflects joy.  Child, is that a world of hope that I see in your eyes?  You shimmer as the stars themselves”   She could see in her mother’s eyes a glorious aspiration on her behalf.  “My child, my new sweet little girl, today is a truly a special day for what people call marriage.  When two people love each other they declare it formally with a ceremony.  This little girl that you see before you is not alone.  They assemble together for the celebration called wedding.  It is an honored tradition.  Honor is a word that means with high respect, cherish and most of all love such as the wedding... Watch.”  The small translucent flower looks up higher and sees another older girl completely covered in white.  The young lady sparkled and had a dreamy gaze in her eyes.  Holding hands with a young man, the bride truly glowed.  She too was holding a bouquet one that swirled down the length of her dress, offsetting the white in a colorful array of life, greens, pinks and peaches.  “Oh, how pretty and happy.”  She thought.  As the bride walked passed she smelled a fragrance of the various flowers.  “I wish to know more about this day called wedding.  Why do they dress that way and why do they carry flowers?  How are the flowers made to look that way?  Is it always so pretty?”  She had so many more questions but right then she knew, she imagines “I want to be one of those pretty flowers when I grow up.”  She peeked up at my mother and whispered.  “It would be an honor to be in the bouquet some day.”  Her mother said “Yes, it is the one day in a young ladies life where families come together and her flowers will always be remembered.” 

Lillian rubbed her leaf on her chin and went on, “Since you were born into the joy of the precise moment of a day where dreams transcend to reality, a day where two people make a commitment to one another to share the joys, the sorrows and create new life together, a day that leads to new dreams, for the next adventure of the merry couple, Dream is a perfect name for you.  I shall call you Dream.”  Dream’s father, William, overhearing bits and pieces of the conversation, just sat back, rolled his eyes and gave mother her way with such matters.  This name made Dream very happy. 

Every week she would sit and wait with excitement as the new brides walked past, waving eagerly to each bouquet on their on the way to the reception during the time of uniting the families.  So, many styles of bouquets but one thing was the same, every bride holds one.  Dream spent endless hours simply dreaming.

So engaged Dream wants to learn more.  “Mother please, I would like to know more”  That night Lillian began to tell Dream of so many ways that flowers are used.  Lillian wonders where to start.  “I guess that I should start at the beginning.  The first use of flowers dates way back to the romantic times of the ancient Greeks.  The brides wore a red draping dress and were married very young.  Herbs and flowers were used to make a crown for the bride to wear.  Sometimes weaved into the hair of the bride the herbs were believed to have a magical power to ward off evil spirits that may plague their future.  Herbs such as garlic and sage are protection from evil and would also bring great wisdom and goodness to the future of the family.

In the beginning the bridesmaids would make the floral decorations, which was usually garland around the room, they made the bridal bouquet and grooms boutonniere.  Later, the bridesmaid’s bouquets were added as well as posies for each guest to wear as a symbol of thanks, happiness and long lives.

Brides still wear crowns of flowers.  At some weddings flower petals are sprinkled over the bride and groom to help ward off evil.  Other wedding flowers are sprinkled on the path that the bride walks to have a life filled with flowers and happiness.  Flowers are still used to tie the hands of the bride and groom together to show unity with each other and nature.

The tossing of the bridal bouquet is a rather odd story.  There was a tradition for the male guests to take a piece of the wedding dress immediately after the wedding.  Often leaving the bride to fight for her modesty and hopefully the husband to protect her.”  Dreams eyes widened “leaving her naked?” Lillian smiled but went on a bit more cautiously, concerned the Dream is not yet old enough for such stories. “It was good luck to have a piece of the dress plus it prepared her for the mating ceremony, much like the birds and the bees.  Since brides fought this tradition it was shortened to only the garter of the bride.  Back in those days girls used garters to hold up their leg stockings.  Stockings were very expensive so the man that untied the garter first was the one that was to receive the most luck in life.  Brides, of course, still fought even this so after time the tradition was shortened to simply the bride throwing the garter.  Throwing the garter is now one of the oldest traditions around.  “But Mom what of the birds and the bees?” Dream asks.  Lillian grinned, knowing for sure now, that she has said too much. “I think that I will save that part until you are a little older dear.”  Continuing “There came a time that instead of the garter the bridal bouquet would be thrown instead but that lost a little spark in the tradition of a lucky life and new family.  Eventually both traditions came into use, one for luck, life, romance and family the other for transferring the love of life, nature and the next to be have that happiness fall upon them as a bride.

The older traditions have mingled with the new, instead of each guest given some flowers, flowers are now put on the table and favors are given instead.  Garland is still used on the tables, the entire room is often decorated with flowers and even the cake may have flowers on it.”  Dream giggled.

“Flowers have always been an important element to weddings.  Do you now see how important that it is that you are a flower, even if you are not a bouquet?”  Shyly Dreams says “yes, mother but, but, but” she stamps her root on the ground defiantly “I still want to be a wedding bouquet.” Lillian hugged her little girl and said that “if you are willing to do the work past your dreams and never give up anything is possible.”

Another thought popped into Dream’s head “But why is the dress white now?”  “Hmmm” Lillian pondered this one. She had to look it up. “In Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1849, this statement was printed: “Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.” I do not know much about this but it was Queen Victoria that encouraged white. From what it appears is that it is symbol of no longer being a little girl when you chose to become a wife and the responsibilities that go with that.”  “re, re, re spinsabiles?” Dream quips. “Like becoming a Mommy?”  With warmth and love Lillian answers “yes, that is exactly what that means.”

Through the next few months Dream was growing into a beautiful young bloom, one of the most stunning around.  Yet, her mother still made her go to flower bed early.  Her mother has a secret.  She knew that she would have to tell Dream one day but for now she will shield her from the truth as long as possible. She pushes the thought of the dreadful rat Lord of Rot out of her head.

Dream was not aware that her precious mother is protecting her from unsightly sorrows. "Mother may I stay up late tonight". Dreams begged putting her best impression of an angel smile, fluttering her eye lashes.  Lillian smiled but did not fall for that little trick and gingerly says “No. When you are older my innocent angel."

Lillian has her own little trick and to get Dream’s mind off of staying up late she would tell her another story, never giving Dream a chance to convince her otherwise.  Dream began to sense that her mother was hiding something and began to worry slightly but she trusts her and knows that she only wants what is best for her.  Even with Dream’s many sisters in the same field, it was still their special time together so Dream did not complain.

Lillian does not wish to see Dream disappointed.  She hopes that by showing Dream that just being a flower is honorable and she does not have to be in wedding bouquet to have a good life.  Deep in her heart there is a grave sense of danger, she will not see her daughter end up like the others that fell into the hands of Lord Wick of the realm of Rot.

Lillian always keeps a whimsical way in her voice when she tells a story, even included corny jokes every time that she tells one.  She will not let Dream see her fear.  She always made Dream smile and her stories always made her feel that Dream would be safe.  If lifts her heart.

With great wisdom she teaches Dream of how there are often special types of flowers that are used for each occasion or event.  Such as a man’s first date for a girl that catches his fancy, he will often take her wild flowers, roses for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and weddings, mums for Mother’s Day, daisies for birthdays, lilies for Easter, and poinsettias for Christmas.  The stories are quite amusing.

For weeks after telling Dream of Mums, Dream insisted on calling her Mum.  When Lillian told her of Asian flowers Dream calls her Mamasan.  Dream never let that one go.  Mamasan this and Mamasan that. Even others in the field where now calling her Mamasan.  Lillian secretly gets a kick out of it every time.

Dream’s dreams grew more grandiose every night and so too did the size of the bouquet in them.  She is always dreaming of weddings, at first I was with simple daisies, with her friends.  She dreams of huge bouquets like bushes but that was letting her imagination go wild. She knows it but it is still charming.  She dreams of tropical flowers and Christmas bouquets.  Dream enjoyed the idea of being with other flowers instead of alone as a single one.  But that is Dream, a sweetheart.  Dream imagines of all of the intriguing items that could be placed in a bouquet, pearls, lace, ribbons, beads, crystals, anything her mind could conjure up.  She even visualizes lights and balloons.  “How fun that would be.” She thinks and I agree that would be fun.  Even fairies love floating high in the sky on balloons.

Lillian continued each night with her stories of plants, wild flowers and why some flowers are called weeds.  “Weeds?  How absurd to be decided as less of a flower based on how many there are and how easily, freely, they grow.”  Dream proclaimed. 

Dream slowly becomes fascinated by all of the traditions, customs and all of the diverse ways that people show their happiness to one another.  How each flower is used as a gift of affection no matter the occasion.  Dream even learns a little of death, even then flowers are used for love and caring.  Death, a tragedy that can still hold jubilance. “How profound.” She thought out loud.  In that statement Lillian knows that Dreams had become a young woman.  That maybe it is time.

Reluctantly, Lillian began teaching Dream of a possible life after the Park.  She teaches her about greenhouses where many flowers are taken to learn to become the crème de la crème of flowers.  The blooms share a real home and are given the opportunity to become extraordinary.  With the nurturing of the greenhouse and the studying on their own they too can one day aspire and be chosen for an occasion such as the cherished wedding bouquet.  The most treasured of all flowers.  One greenhouse in particular, Jenson House, will help park flowers.  Most greenhouses choose in inbreed and cultivate only amongst themselves. Most greenhouses are more concerned with profits more then the true soul of the flower but not Jenson House.  There is hope there.

That very night while Dream is sleeping there is a riot outside of the reception hall.  Lord Wicks breaks into the wedding reception and touches all of the flowers like a heat wave. Not a single bloom is spared.  Lord Wicks of the underground kingdom Rot, the evil wilter of any flower that he touches.  With a slight touch the flower is singed with brown edges.  If he gets his hands on one, it is turned to rotten stems.  He is drawn to the banquet halls and especially to the wedding bouquet, all flowers that are left on the tops of tables.  Lord Wick’s head minion is Brugs.  Brugs is an ugly rodent that scurries away with any flower that falls on the floor with his sharp teeth and a ready to destroy.  If the flowers are recovered there are always a few broken or missing.  Brugs only follows orders but Lord Wicks has his mind set for pure evil destruction in any way.  He has no concern of who knows because he is a most powerful rat and no once can stop him, not even flower fairies.

Dream woke feeling fresh that morning oblivious to the evening’s events.  She thought about what her mother has been trying to teach her.  Dream has dreamt of being in a wedding bouquet her whole life but part of her knows that she is only a field flower.  Field flowers are not usually used for bouquets but now that her mother has told her about greenhouses she is even more determined to become one.  She has a new energy, she will work to be the very best that she can be.

She is not yet the age where she could do things alone.  With the help of the flower fairies she stretches her roots for extra water, getting plenty of sleep, leaning into the sprinklers for a daily bath.  The fairies help by bringing extra healthy foods to her.  A little fact about fairies.  We help those that help themselves.  Dream is working so hard that we are encouraged to help her.

Lillian knows that it was time.  Time for Dream to learn everything about life. The good as well as the bad.  She allows Dream to stay up late that evening, warning her of the evils of Lord Wicks.   No that is wrong, Lillian does not only warn her, she adamantly fought to discourage her.  As a mother whose chick is leaving the nest for the first time, she can no longer protect her.  Lillian remains strong vowing not to show Dream her own fear.

That very night Dream is finally able to stay up, fully aware of what may happen but she has always longed for this night.  She will finally see with her own eyes the bride and groom as they begin their journey of life together, as they entered the world for the first time.  “Mom is probably exaggerating.  Mom has a way of spinning a good tale.”  Nothing could stop her from this night.

The first night is very simple, uneventful in a way.  The only thing that she finds amusing is when the couple left there with shoes and cans tied to the bumper of the car.

The second week Dream eagerly waits and starts to see people leaving the reception when reality hits her hard.  She learns that most bouquets really are ruined during the reception.  Lord Wicks was much worse than her mother has told her.  The flowers are carelessly cast about by the bride and bridesmaids, not intentionally but with a thoughtless neglect nonetheless.  They are having fun and are not really paying attention at the time.  They did not know that the Master wilter is waiting for them in the shadows to drop their bouquets on the table.  She sees the demolished bouquets as they leave the reception.

Dream is devastated as days ticked by, one after another, seeing bouquets destroyed week after week, her heart cries out.  “How can this be possible?  Why doesn’t someone do something?”  Feeling the pain in the depths of her soul all the way to her roots.  She weeps sour tears, feeling lost and alone.  “The flowers do their job, serve their purpose and now they are left homeless and forgotten.”  She whined.  She feels helpless, trebling with fright and begins to wilt, even without the actual touch of Lord Wicks.  The fear overwhelms her, she faints.

She wakes with her mother cradling her in her leaves.  The flower fairies refuse to leave the flower bed, keeping a careful eye on her.  All she could think of now is that she is no longer wants to be in a wedding bouquet.  As the merry couple find their heart, hers is broken.  Knowing the most precious of flowers, the wedding bouquet, is also the most abused.   It also broke Lillian’s heart knowing that her daughter wanted this so badly, feels her pain.  What Dream saw those past weeks was shameful, dirty flowers, smashed ones, torn, crushed, wilted and very often missing flowers.  Dream no longer wishes to stay up late but she could no longer sleep either.  She absolutely no longer wished to hear anymore stories of happiness.  “It is a cruel world out there.”  She is lost. “Why?”  She cries.

Since the flower fairies are gathered around her during this time of her breakdown, Lord Wicks becomes the obvious topic.  “Many fairies were not aware of the history of Lord Wicks.”  Darissa, the daisy fairy, suggests.  Isabella, the iris fairy, says “I have not heard all of the details”.  It happened so long ago that I have to dig into my memory to recall the details, “He was once engaged to be married himself.”  There was a roar of whispers.  I continue “He was also the King of Springfield.” Another buzz of chattering broke out.  I press on, “He was left at the alter and all that was discovered of the bride to be was her bouquet.”  There is now silence in the garden.  “He was so devastated himself that he has made it his personal goal to destroy as many flowers as he can reach.  He went on a war path of destruction.”  Betsy, the black-eyed susan fairy, said  “I have heard of that story. I did not know that it was true.”  “Yes” I said “The Queen of fairies Queen Abigail could not let this human go around destroying the flower parks and gardens.  What would become of us flower fairies if that happened?  Many live here and cared for the flowers  So calling on the help of the Elementals, Earth and Air, she put a curse on him and changed him to a rat.  Unfortunately when a fairy queen curses a human, the human is also left with a residual power.  This power is drawn upon the soul of the human in which the curse is cast, and in Lord Wicks case, his soul was surrounded in the hatred for his bride and death for flowers.  Any flower he touches is burned, scorched from his cold heart.  The Queen wants her cures to last forever, after what he has done, so the only way to break the curse is for Lord Wicks to discover love again. But not just love.  The love must be shown in the presence of the other two Elementals Water and Fire.  Queen Abigal felt safe as to the strength of her curse and it have never been broken.  Since Water and Fire do not visit each other and Lord Wicks has not even come close to friendship more or less love.  No longer able to do total destruction of the fields, Lord Wicks is reduced to taking pleasure in destroying only the wedding flowers and bouquets found on table tops and floors.  He was banished from Springfield.  He has sought refuse underground and quickly gathered other rodents to begin his new realm. The kingdom of Rot.

After Dream could not bear her suffering any longer, she finally asks her mother “Is there nothing that can be done?  Is there a way to be a wedding bouquet without being destroyed?”  Lillian thought carefully as to whether she should encourage her daughter again but after weeks of seeing her daughter so distraught, she had to do everything necessary to ease her pain.  She can not promise that there is hope but she gives her the hope that her daughter seeks.  That night Lillian told her, not the best story that Dream has ever heard, but the most welcomed.  Lillian responded “Yes, these brides and maids are not evil, they just do not know about Bouquet Displays.  There is a legend of a kind, gentle lady named Rosemary.  She loved flowers.  She used to plant her gardens in inventive, artistic ways, paying attention to the needs of each and every type of flower.  She loved them so much that she even constructed a waterfall herself from hand picked stones so that even on dry days they would be nurtured.  The flowers could not help but to love her too.  Rosemary was also the mother of seven daughters.  One by one her daughters wed.  She would toil at making the bouquets herself spending days on them.  She was proud of her daughters and how beautifully the flowers enhanced the wedding dress.  But at the reception it was only to see her hard work and loved flowers wrecked by being thrown about the table.  She would even see them being thoughtlessly placed on a chair, sat on, and knocked onto the floor.  She tried putting them in vases and those were knocked over, water splashing all over the table, the food and even the gowns.  Her daughters became aware of her distress so at one of the weddings her daughter, the bride, was very careful to make sure that they stayed on the table.  She wanted to see her mother happy but the wax from the candelabra dripped all over them.  They could have caught on fire!  Rosemary had had enough after this last fiasco.  She pondered the problem throughout the next few years.  She decided that she must find a way to have the flowers up off of the table. 

Just before her youngest was married she came up with the idea of Bouquet Displays.  She was so excited.

She thought of the clip that is used to hold the table skits but she was concerned that if she put flowers in them they would pop off the table.  She considered the strength so that they could hold a heavy bouquet; fresh flowers can be very heavy.  She came up with a clamp instead of a clip.  She had bent some old thin scrap metal and had her future son-in-law weld the clamp onto the back.  She had made the very first Bouquet Display.  The clamp will attach to the front of the table to hold the wedding flowers.  How simple.  It will get them off of the table and protect them.  After making the first one she day-dreamed more about how her treasured flowers will now be not only safe but the centerpiece of the table and enjoyed throughout the day not just at the wedding.  Her imagination on high momentum now, she pondered the whole table look, designs and decorations.  So she attached a hook to the bottom of the Bouquet Display that elegantly lifts the table skirt.  She considered the different types of bouquets and made different attachments to hold the different types of flowers and decorations, even including a hole in the clamp to tie garland.  She especially enjoyed the bouquets with the plastic handles because of the variety and arrangements that she could created.  Anyone could bunch a few flowers together.  They are simple and elegant but she is an artist at heart but whether thrown together or not, she still loved them.  She rejoiced in the creation of the bouquet as much as the beauty.  Any artist understands this passion.

She used these first metal clamps for her daughters wedding and the effect was Magical.   There was so much more room on top of the table with the flowers off of it.  Room for plates, wine and water glasses, even room for the candelabras.  The guests chimed their wine glasses with spoons, the sound of crystal bells, for a kiss and the view was spectacular.  A memory that she will always cherish.  Her daughter received a lot of great compliments on the wedding and how striking the table looked. 

Now anyone can buy Bouquet Displays and they too may have extra special memories with a stunning table and view that will last a lifetime.  Yet, many people still do not know about them.  Rosemary had had a mold made and began making them from plastic so that the brides can afford them.  She just did not know how to tell people.  With a small simple idea how does she find the brides to help them?  I wish that more people knew so that No more flowers are killed so dreadfully.”

Lillian hopes that she did not encourage Dream too much and that Dream could find happiness in being just the stunning flower that she is.

Dream’s spirit is lifted, she cautiously pray to be a bouquet again, with a twist, a wedding bouquet with Bouquet Display.  Knowing about Bouquet Displays now makes her dreams even more original.  Before she dreamt of being in a bouquet now she dreams of what the table will look like too.  She will be in the front of the table and in front of the room. She will see all of the festivities and all of the festivities will see her.  Dream dreams once more.

Dream’s emotions are still somewhat mixed but before she had a chance to truly think them through her world is changed once more.  The very next day a handsome young man happened to be walking through the park.  I know his so I personally flap my wings into his ear.  He flicks at me, not knowing that I am there, and while does he looks down and spots Dream.  There, next to his feet, is one of the prettiest flowers that he has ever seen.  He looks at her the same way that her mother did the day that she was born.  He leans down on one knee, touches her petal, then went onto both knees to the ground and slowly, gently digs her from the soil careful to protect her roots.  While lifting her up, she waves to the other flowers always knowing that this day may come but not knowing what lays ahead for her.  She feels unease but she is comforted with the knowledge that she is ready, she is strong now and old enough to move on.  Her mother had her adventures, now it is time for her.  Would she be put into a garden, taken for a modest home or holiday or will she at last find her greenhouse?   She waved and blew kisses to her mother, thinking “I can see in her eyes that she is worried but she too knows that my time would come.  I really am old enough to venture out on my own.”  Mother yells out that “he looks like a fine man, don’t be scared.  Have as much fun and excitement as you can grab!  I love you” blowing kisses goodbye.  Lillian knows in her heart that Dream is meant for something more.  She cries with a mixture of sorrow and joy.  Before Dream has a chance to reply she is whisked away.  Dream thinks to herself “You will always have the dearest piece of my heart, Mom.” 

He takes Dream to his home.  She sighed a little.  It is a large home and decorated beautifully in a rustic sense but all Dream can do is sigh again.  She is still hoping for her wedding bouquet but she could be happy here.  It is clean, plenty of light and fresh air.  He continues walking through the house and out to his greenhouse.  On the sign above it, it reads “Jenson House”.  Dream’s heart skips a beat “Jenson House!  This must be Jenson himself.  I have heard of this place in mom’s stories.  I will be given what I need to start on my own adventure, perhaps a bouquet!”  She giggled to herself.  “Of course, what else would I wish for?”  She is welcomed in by the other flowers of the greenhouse.  Well, most of them.  There is the section of the cultivated flowers.  Those that have won awards for their exceptional quality.  She is not placed there but she is more than happy with the section that she is put in.  She is placed with others like her, some are also new from the park while others are starting over, already having an adventure or two.  “There are so many different types of flowers!”  Her eyes widen just like the day that she was born.  Many that she has never seem before.  “Oh, how grand.”  Clasping her leaves together in her own little hug.  The flowers embraced her into their friendship.  She felt right at home.  They too have dreams like she has.  She finds this comforting.  She is not so odd after all.  “Well this is it” she thinks, “This is my chance, I know that I am as good as the prized flowers since I was born in a park but if I keep up my hard work I may just yet succeed.  Well, if I do not succeed, I will never be lost or alone again.  I have my new friends now Jenson House.” 

During the next few weeks there she is given great attention.  They all are.  It rains every day at the same time from the warm overhead sprinklers and the food is always tasteful and stimulating.  Life is so much easier, she is feeling very spoiled.  She hears new stories, adventures and shares many of her mother’s.

One day Dream overhears Jenson talking to his assistant.  He told her to make sure that she brings Rosemary’s Bouquet Displays to the meeting.  Her hopes soar “Bouquet Display!  If Jenson has Bouquet Displays then I am free to dream of weddings with all of my heart.  No Lord Wicks in my future.”  She settles in quite nicely and finds peace in her greenhouse.

Royalty in the house!  Dream can not believe her ears.  One whirlwind after another.  A genuine princess in their humble abode.  Princess Sarah is here for her wedding.  Dream can see her through the greenhouse window.  They are taking tea in the garden.  She is wearing a simple outfit of a pastel blouse, black skirt and ankle high Victorian boots.  She carries a modest air of grace and romance about her.  The princess has heard of the fine works of Jenson House and she wants her special day to include people that helped others thrive.  There is a hush as a selected group of the full bloom flowers are presented to her.  She seems to be relaxed as she is shown the pure line of blossoms as well as the prized hybrids.  Dream watches her carefully, intrigued with what her choice may be as bloom after bloom is presented.  Princess Sarah began to look slightly bored, not as focused as one would think that she would be.  Dream watches her turn to gaze to the room.  From the corner of her eye she skimmed over Dream as she took in the full view of the greenhouse.  Then quickly she returned her glance in Dream’s direction, there is an ever so slight crinkling in the corner of her eyes as they light up.  “Who is she looking at?!  Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful!  Oh this must be a jest, I have worked hard but I am still just a simple flower from the park, I grew up by the sidewalk not the gardens of master caretakers.”  The Princess turned to Jenson and nodded so slightly that Dream could not be sure.  With a wave from Jenson to his assistant, the assistant came in her direction.  “Oh please heavens above, please.”  Dream is lifted to the front of the showroom and placed with the prized flowers.  The prized flowers seemed a little at odds with the idea at first but when they see her true beauty they actually welcome her but what does the princess think?  She holds her breath.  Princess Sarah smiles brightly.

Before Dream truly, truly realized what was happening she is caught up in a frenzy of activity.  It is not sinking in.  “Am I really here?”  She finds herself in a bouquet style like she has never seen before.

With only a few flowers top of the bouquet most are on the front truly enhancing the princess.  A piece of lace made from the same fabric as the princesses veil surrounds the outside edge of the white holder.  In Princess Sarah’s hair she wears a Strip of gold ribbon with crushed diamonds.  It is weaved through her hair in an uplift of classic thick curls with a few small tight curls that fall at the sides of her temples.  The same ribbon is weaved randomly, loosely through the shimmering deep purple flowers that makes them flow with a soft wavelike curve.  At the edges are a few tiny yellow/gold flowers placed in such a way that make the larger flowers explode with vibrancy.  The same ribbon is also wrapped around the white holder handle.  Flexible plastic wire dipped in silver delicately hangs into a spray like manner towards the bottom of the bouquet, each with a teardrop pearl of shimmering light lavender, cascading in a waterfall manner down the front. The longer droplets lengths are in the middle becoming shorter up the sides giving this a natural yet elegant vision.  Her earrings dangled with the same lavender pearls.

Dream is sits in the Bouquet Display at the florist of all places.  She did not know that Bouquet Displays can be used elsewhere.  She wondered if they are used for holidays and thinks about her sisters.  She starts to twist and fiddle with her leaves in anticipation.

Her cheek is brushed lightly by the petals of another, a sensation that she has never felt before.  She looks to her right and her heart melts.  “Another flower like me!”  He smiles with warmth that reaches his eyes.  Takes her leaf into his and whispers “You look stunning.”  She relaxes immediately takes a deep breath, “Today is truly a special day.”

In the Bouquet Display in the church dressing room Dream sees the princess fully dressed and ready now, perhaps a little jittery herself.  She is a radiant vision.  Dream knows then that this day has not been a dream of hers alone.  That the princess too has dreamed of this day.   The princess picks up the bouquet with Dream and stands in front of the mirror.  “Oh how remarkable.”  Dream sees herself for the first time.  She has seen herself in puddles of water but never like this.  Dream feels like a princess herself.  Purple, gold and diamonds.  She never thought something could be so splendid.  She begins to glow then she felt suddenly humbled that she has been so blessed.  Offers a silent pray for her family and friends in the park.  That they too can find their dream.   Dream looks at the princess, her veil trailing just beyond the gown caressing the floor as she glides around the room.

I blew fairy dust over the wedding as the bride walked up the flowered isle.  It is to slow time down so the each moment is cherished and remembered always.

The ceremony is breathtaking, people laughing and crying from joy.  Especially, the moment that the prince takes the princess’s hand gazes into her eyes and says “I am yours”.  It is picturesque.  “Lovely.” as much as Dream searches she cannot find a better word to describe it, “simply lovely.”  She then finds herself in front of a photographer.  She lengthens proudly with her new friend, her new prince Deon.

We left the church on the way to the reception. MAMASAN!!!!  Dream never thought or dared hope that she would see her again.  She waved as she passes by and watches as another little bud pop her head from the soil.  Lillian cheered delightfully.  She bobbed up and down so happy that she almost pulled her roots out, glowing with full color and bloom.  More vibrant than I have ever seen her. “Dream I knew that you could do it.  I knew that you are special.”  She leaned down and gave the new little bud a hug.  The bud rubbed her eyes as they widen in awe at the wondrous sight… Dream being gracefully escorted through the park.  Dream blew a kiss to the new bud.

As they ascended the steps to the manor and entered the romantic ball room, she noticed the same gold ribbon around the creamy wedding cake covered with violets.  Deep purple and golden flowers scattered on the tables. Instead of the same curve of the bouquets, they have a scattered fascination, like wild flowers.  She believes that this shows an insight to the mind of the princess.  Dream thinks that the Princess has a controlled coherence for herself but her heart had a temptress freedom for others.  Dream even sees Queen Anne’s Lace mixed in, considered a weed by many.  The princess has the soul of an angel.  Dream again feels humbled.  The room is spectacular; better then even in her dreams, of which there were not a few.  As the prince and princess walk in the room they are announced as husband and wife.  Princess Sarah and her bridesmaid place their flowers into the Bouquet Displays, completing the elegance of the room.  “How ironic and sensible that the room is not finished until the bride and groom arrive to complete it.  Apparently this seems to be a tradition that even her mother did not know of.  Completion of the room, tying together the old families with the new broader family, mingling the bloodlines forevermore.  Interesting.”  Dream ponders.

Dream nestles in with her new sweetheart, the center of attention. A glorious view the spray of teardrop pearls of shimmering light lavender in cascading waterfall down the front of the table. 

She shivers with sunshine and her heart opened wider that she thought possible.  The handsome male flower, Deon, feels her love.  She snuggles into the Bouquet Display accepting the comfort and safety.  “Because of Bouquet Display I will live on and now enjoy life with love.”  She is so warm with love that the tips of her petals curled open broader than ever before.  She thrives, feeling every bit the majestic flower that she has become.  She actually glows with a slight incandescent light.  It is magical. 

After dinner and a few dances the princess comes and picks them up for a stroll around the room.  An unusual mix of people blurring together in the treasure of well wishes.  The admiration from her beloved family makes Dream think of her family and how much she loves them.  “If they could only see me now.”  After a round of the room the princess cradles them into the Bouquet Display for the remainder of the evening where Dream watches the festivities as if on a pedestal.  Cutting of the cake, photographs taken and the throw away bouquet being tossed high in the air, like it is flying.  Stunning ladies fighting over the flowers makes her giggle.  She was told by Mother that not all wedding do this but the princess enjoys the simple traditions.

I was personally watching the events take place, sitting on top of a pillar.  My wings adding to the hum of the night.  When suddenly I spotted Lord Wicks lurking around the room.

Other flower fairies also watching the festivities blew trumpets of alarm that are silent to humans but we flower fairies can hear them from miles around.  Lord Wicks is about to attack a bouquet that the flower girl left on the table as he heads to Dream.  Brugs is scurrying around under the table hoping for some crumbs of the flowers.  Lord Wicks is too powerful for fairies.  So I fly out to the park as fast as my wings will carry me.  I grab Dream’s Father William by the leaf.  He does not hesitate for his little girl is in danger.   Back at the ball room the fairies were buzzing over Lord Wicks and pelting him with as much garlic as they could find in the kitchens.  This only slows him down as he presses on and reaches for the flowers.  I dove into the room with William, sweeping high above Lord Wicks so that he could not touch him.  William draws deep inside his petals to his stamen and pulls out his poison pollen, blows this dust in wisps directly at Wicks.  At that very moment Dream lit up like a brilliant star.  Oblivious as to what is happening behind her.  She is bright simply because her heart is filled with happiness.  The fierce light shining from her petals casts away all shadows.  I hear an ear piercing scream, Lord Wicks shrivels from the combination of light and poison.  He disappears into the floorboards.  Our efforts are to no avail I had learn later of his and Brugs escape.

Dreams is still smiling so caught up in the party that she is still completely unaware of what has just happened behind her.  He father sighed in relief.  I fly him once around the room and take him home.

It was everything more than Dream ever imagined, enchanting.  Romantic and Festive music, children dancing by stamping their legs or twirling in circles, occasionally engaged in a dance with grandparents holding their hands as they steady each other. Hugs and kisses. Adults playing like kids.  Corks popping from champagne, the smell of cinnamon candles and flowers scattered throughout the room.  Candelabras that would not hurt Dream.  The fragrance of love.  Feeling the petals of Deon’s cheek against her own. Laughter. Laughter everywhere. All night long.

There were many remarks of how exquisite the bouquets are and Dream overhears great news of how Jenson House is being made a reality for people too with the financial help of Rosemary’s Bouquet Display and other generous benefactors.  Life will be easier there so that they can reach for the stars and thrive, as Dream has.

The evening is winding down and guests begin to drift home.

As the prince and princess stepped out of the reception into the world to begin their adventure, Dream passes her mother again.  Dream can see that she waited up for her, worried.  When Lillian sees her daughter glide by with her new love, her heart nearly bursts in joy.  Dream is fresh as the day that she was born here.  Lillian relaxes and snuggles in next to the new buds.  She whispers into the air “Thank you heaven, thank you Rosemary for Bouquet Display and for taking care of my precious daughter, thank you Jenson and thank you, you magnificent fairies for helping Dream. She would not be here without any you”, then she looks straight to her daughter “I love you Dream”.  Dad just smiles a little wider than usual, which makes Dream giggle.  This time before she is whisked away again Dream yells “I love you Mom!  I love you Dad!”

Dream did not see her mother again after the special day but she knows that she is still out there telling her corny jokes and tender stories.  An affectionate tear comes to her eye remembering what was and now with her new prince she looks forward to discovering what life will hold.  Dreaming.

Scenntula is at this very moment fluttering around with the birds and the bees sprinkling fairy dust.

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