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The new tradition in wedding and floral designing.
Also, a tool for holding crafts, decorations or bouquets while creating.

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Mrs. Gina Kradel

1. Decorating

2. Tools Required


3. Choosing Appearance 4. Measuring Table
5. Attaching Displays 6. Overweight Bouquets
7. Fabric Choices 8. Skirt Draping
9. Flower Stem Size 10. Disguising the Display

Before the wedding follow a few of the suggestions below. This will better prepare you for the use of Bouquet Displays and it may give you a few ideas for your perfect table.  A few thing to keep in mind when using Bouquet Displays;  Flower stem size, weight of bouquet and round edged tables.

Decorating - When using Bouquet Display the bride’s bouquet will become the centerpiece of your wedding table. So you may not wish to use a floral centerpiece with the displays. If choosing to use a centerpiece, try to match it with the bridesmaid’s flowers, use a low, long centerpiece or go with something other than flowers. Candles on each side of the bride’s bouquet are very attractive and many floral shops supply candle arrangements.

Bouquet Display Wedding Uses:

  1. Decorate the cake table with flowers or bows, is very stunning.
  2. Keep your throwaway bouquet safe until it is needed.
  3. Ask your church for extra displays to use before the wedding.
  4. Use during photography shoots.

After the wedding you may wish to give the displays to each of the bridesmaids to keep their bouquets in. With a little creativity round displays will hold many different types of candles. Displays can be used at home on shelves or mantles to decorate with flowers, candles, ribbon, curtains, pictures, anything you can think of. We use them in our office to hold supplies and with a binder clip it holds our letters for typing. A few of our customers even use them to hold their hair curling irons, imagine!

Designers! Bouquet Displays can be used as a devise to hold bouquets or decorations while creating them.

Using Bouquet Displays: Tools required - 1. Measuring tape.                                                          


Choosing Table Appearance: Let’s start with the table skirts. There are at least three ways you can arrange your table skirts:

1. A tablecloth only. When using just a tablecloth the bouquet display must be placed on top of the cloth.
2. A table skirt only. The bouquet display may be placed underneath the skirt, locating the top of the skirt in appropriate slot.
3. A tablecloth and table skirt. Place the tablecloth on the table first. Next the bouquet display. Finally the table skirts. When using this third procedure you can lift the skirts into the hooks for the cascading effect.

When following 1 or 3. Make sure the tablecloths are wide enough. You may require extra tablecloths to ensure that they reach the floor. When you attach the displays the cloth will gather slightly at the edge of the table, allow an extra few inches (mm) of cloth to hit the floor.                                   


Measuring Table: Please, make sure that during placement of the displays you use a measuring tape for even spacing (If you do not need to use any other suggestions this is the one to use). You may wish to place them all close together or wide apart but you should use a measuring tape.                                                                                                       


Attaching Displays: When screwing the clamp onto the table you may notice a bend in the thumbscrew if you screw it too tight. Do not be concerned about this, it is to help protect the table against damage. Simply loosen the thumbscrew slightly, this will relieve the bend and hold the bouquets securely.                                                                          


Overweight Bouquets: The displays will hold up to 7 pounds or 3.1752 kilograms of flowers (tested up to 20 pounds). Exceedingly overweight flowers or unbalanced flowers can tilt the displays sideways. This is rare but to solve this problem you must purchase a 5/16"- 18 thread x 4" (7.9375mm – 18 thread x 101.6mm) metal bolt to replace the plastic one provided. You may purchase some in most hardware stores and they are inexpensive.                                                                                         


Fabric: When selecting table skirts, whenever possible use cloth material for table cloths and skirts. Cloth has more of an eye pleasing effect than plastic. Skirts drape a little softer. If your banquet hall does not supply cloth, you can usually rent them at party suppliers, wedding suppliers or dry-cleaners. Displays will work well with plastic.                      


Skirt Draping: If you are draping the table skirts into the hook allow yourself a half-hour or more to adjust the skirt cascades evenly. This is simple to do and you want it to be perfect but you may not get it right the first time. Have a friend help from the start to critique the drapes. Attach all of the displays first. Then start the draping with the center display working your way one at a time, on each side, back and forth, one left one right till you reach the ends. There are many different ways to drape and draping effects. One you actually start lifting the drape from the bottom of the skirt and fold it like a fan or accordion till you reach the top then slide it into the hook bottom first. Then with your hands brush or pull the fan down and out to open the folds slightly. Be creative! You’ll be amazed at the ideas you can come up with. After you are finished with the skirt drapes, you can add ribbon, pearls, steamers, balloons, Christmas lights etc. (if you wish). Every wedding is unique.   


Flower Stem Size: If you have purchased a round display and narrow flowers, please make sure your flowers will not roll to one side. By taping a little tissue paper in the holder before the wedding they should not roll. If your bouquet is too wide for the last ring in the vit, just cut the ring off this will give you an extra 1/4" (6.35mm) diameter.   Now with the Graceful Cradle Vit, flowers with up to 3-1/2" stems will fit.  However, try to keep the bouquet to 3-1/4" or smaller so that it is easy for you to put your flowers in it.                 

Disguise: After the table is complete, you may want to add a little something to disguise the display until the wedding party arrives. We have found that pew bows work very well here. Attach them with a rubber band so they can be easily twisted to sit on the top of the table without having to be removed. Choose a color that matches. Remember this is just an option. You may also drape ribbon or pearls without draping the skirt; you can disguise with these.                              

Table Edge:  Bouquet Displays fit most tables but seldom you might come across a non-standard table with a rounded edge.  Bouquet Displays will not secure to these types of tables.  You may wish to check with you reception location in advance to make sure that it is a regular table.  This is very rare and we have only heard of this happening once since 1994.  Better safe than sorry.   We want your day to be perfect and care free.                                                               


Some of these instructions may sound difficult but in reality when you actually use them it is easy. These hints are just to help you plan ahead to do what you imagine and wish to create. We wish your wedding to be a great success.

We do not except returns after the wedding date so make sure you test your bouquets in the displays before the wedding with your florist. If you plan ahead and use our suggestions you will love the results.

Bouquet Displays are NOT fire retardant.  Prolonged contact with a direct flame will start them on fire. Be careful that your candle does not burn down lower than one inch above the Bouquet Display.  Keep children out of reach of flames.

We love hearing about your weddings, new ideas or suggestions! Please do not hesitate to give us a call. Send us a photograph of your wedding party and table or just the table, if we use it in one of our ads or brochures you may receive a cash award for it. Mailed photographs will not be returned.  We love to see how wonderful your occasion turns out!  We wish you the wedding of you dreams!




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