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A mother’s frustration was the spark of a flourishing business based in Pennsylvania.

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Rosemary Vitalune & JM Vitaluna 1999

Mom invented Bouquet Display. Rosemary Vitalune, the mother of seven daughters. Yes! You read that right SEVEN DAUGHTERS. Bouquet Display is her greatest achievement. She would disagree and say eighth greatest. Okay, I agree with her after all she is my mom. She creates bridal bouquets and spends hours on them only to have them thrown on the table and has had a few destroyed during the reception. Even before the bouquet toss. Can you imagine the tragedy? Determined to display the bouquets and protect them, she thought of the idea for Joni's wedding (daughter #5). Joni's bouquet was under the candelabra and wax dripped all over it. Mom had to do something. After many hours of experimenting, she made the first display with a heavy metal c-clamp welded together with curtain rings. She used the product for the first time at Linda's wedding (the youngest daughter), with no mishaps, an incredible display of flowers, and rave reviews. Other mothers, fathers and daughters must agree with mom. Along with myself, Jill (daughter #2), we have sold thousands and thousands of Bouquet Displays all over the world.
Jill Marie

Sweet Memory of Lillian Rosemary Vitalune, May 12, 2004

Epcot Science Expo - Inventor Awards

Lawrence A. Goffney - Deputy Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks (top)
Joyce Vitalune DeCamillo (left), Rosemary Vitalune (center), JM Vitaluna (right)



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